Helpful Links


Helpful Links:

Association of State Flood Plain Managers:

Description: The website is for the ASFPM. Educational resources concerning flood plain management are offered by the organization.


Description:  This website is used to find the names of agents for LLC, INC, and Businesses.  It will also give you the names of the partners.  You need to notify agents for zoning violation matters in addition to the partners and this website will provide both along with addresses.

State of Connecticut Judicial Website:

Description:  State of Connecticut judicial website provides information on cases at all levels in the Judicial process.

UCONN Clear:

Description:  Provides training for land use Commissioners and Agents

CT Department of Consumer Protection license verification:

Description: this website provides licensing information for all permits issued by CT DCP

CT DMV: Dealers and Repairers List:

Description:  This website provides a spreadsheet of current dealers and repairers licenses throughout the State.  It is good to save this link as this list is updated frequently.

FEMA Flood Map Service Center:

Description:  This website is the portal for the FEMA flood maps. You can lookup any address to determine flood zone designation and print maps.

FEMA – ARCGIS FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Rate Map Layer GIS,-17.1252,22.9998,69.2151

Description: This website provides GIS mapping for FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Aerial photography is in color and higher resolution than Map Service Center.

CT General Statutes:

Description:  This page will bring you right to the general statutes “browse able” section


Connecticut General Assembly:

Description:  This website will bring you to the CT General Assembly website.  You are able to look up proposed legislation along with historical information on how a bill got passed.  You are also able to link to the Statues from here.

CT DEEP Inland Wetland Division:

Description: The DEEP website will lead you to all information concerning the inland wetland statutes, training videos, past bulletins, etc.

Time and Date:

Description: The website provides calculators for determining dates.


Description:  This website hosted by UCONN is a mapping source.  It provides information in a GIS format. It provides information on water, soils, geology, habit, open space and more.